Obama Bypassing American People on Immigration


When President Obama makes good tonight on his Constitution-shredding threat to act unilaterally on immigration reform, he will cast it as bypassing a recalcitrant Congress. But Obama's problem is not really with Congress; it is with the American people who elected this Congress. Yes, Obama is doing an end-run around Congress' Article I legislative power, which contains no exception for presidential frustration, but his greater constitutional sin is bypassing American voters by denying them their right to representation in the making of our laws.

Supremes Punt Gay Marriage


CW President Curt Levey on the Supreme Court’s decision today to not review any of the seven gay marriage cases before it: 

The Supreme Court’s surprising decision to pass up what was effectively its last chance to stop the legal momentum behind the creation of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage is bad news for supporters of constitutionalism.

ObamaCare’s Survival Turns on Theory of Interpretation


Following the potentially existential legal blow to ObamaCare last week in the D.C. Circuit, ObamaCare supporters have taken solace in the conventional wisdom that the full court – consisting of 7 Democrat-appointed judges and just 4 Republicans – will agree to hear the case and rule for the Administration. In an article at Breitbart.com, Constitution Watchdogs president Curt Levey writes that: